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55+ profiles

Hear for yourself the stories of current Cresswind residents who have inspiring and interesting stories to tell. Whether it is starting a new career, running a marathon or exploring new pursuits after 55, these residents have expanded their passions and exemplify the Cresswind way of life to “live better, longer.”

Mark – Piano Man

Mark found the opportunity to expand and improve on his passion of piano and perform in front of an audience for the first time.

Mary – Chef

Chef Mary was able to further her catering business more than ever with amenities and opportunities within her own Cresswind community.

Dawn – Crafter

Dawn has taken full advantage of the arts & crafts at Cresswind and expanded her passion, now teaching classes and live demonstrations.

Mike – Personal Trainer

Former trainer and gym owner, Mike, now has the ability and amenities needed to help fellow Cresswind residents stay in shape.

Mimi – Travel Agent

Retired teacher with a knack for traveling the world, Mimi, began her own travel agency helping family and friends plan their dream getaways.

Connie – College Student

Socially active Cresswind neighbor, Connie, recently enrolled in Coastal Carolina University to learn to speak Italian and play the piano.

Sandy – Tennis Pro

Sandy’s tennis passion was revitalized after moving to Cresswind, now playing in many tournaments around the Southeast.

Club Videos

Residents share stories of joining clubs, making friends, and learning that sharing interests with others can make for a lot of fun! Watch Video

Wine Club

As representatives for a curator of clean-crafted wines, Woody and Sondra were well suited to found the Wine Club at Cresswind.

Singles & Solos Club

Gayle and Joyce share how they met and forged a close bond over good food and wine, later creating a club for finding new friends, not spouses.

Walkie Talkies Club

Avid hiker and club founder, Karla, and neighbor, Margie, enjoy walking and talking with their other Cresswind club members.